Why Setup Business as LLC


There is no public record of an LLC Company’s Corporate Directors or Shareholders in the UAE. They are not required to disclose any information to any Authority.

You pay no income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax or any tax on funds transfers you might make.

UAE has no taxation department. You will not be required to appoint an accounting firm perform an audit for tax purposes. There are no such requirements.

Therefore, any personal information and details of offshore company activities will remain private in UAE. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates are not party to any international exchange of information agreements. This is not predicted to change, as UAE does not gain any taxes by participating in such treaties.

This provides you with high levels of security, privacy and asset protection should you choose offshore company formation in the UAE. UAE’s superior banking privacy regulations are enforced strictly; your bank account details are not in danger of being revealed. Even spouses cannot have access unless they hold a legalized authority document.

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