Having Dubai Offshore Company

Having Dubai Offshore Company (Jebel Ali Offshore Company)
JAFZA offshore companies are companies that are not physically present in the UAE. There are only registered here, which means shareholders have no resident visas. UAE offshore companies only get a certificate of incorporation and not a business license, as they are not allowed to do any business within the Emirates.
When you register an offshore company in Jebel Ali Free Zone, you are a legal bona fide business. This makes it easier for you to conduct business within Middle East, outside UAE. Offshore companies can own property, individually or through UAE companies in specific designated areas in Dubai.

Setting up an Offshore Company in Dubai will benefit, and is particularly useful if you are considering or want to achieve any of the following:

  • A Dubai Offshore Company portrays a good image to your Clients and suppliers
  • There is no public register of shareholders and directors
  • Dubai Offshore Company is quick to incorporate
  • Tax-Free economy with no capital gains, company or income tax
  • Simple reporting and regulatory requirements
  • Suitable for any kind of international business
  • High degree of privacy for corporate information
  • Companies may own investments (assets, real estate, cash, shares)

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