PRO Services

downloadPublic Relations work is an integral and the most essential activity of any company in UAE right from the Business Setup, that is company formation procedures. Our market research, analysis & client survey indicated that a lot of time is devoted & hassles involved to keep record, follow up of renewals & expiry dates, updating the rules of the Labor, Immigration, Chamber of Commerce & other Government institutions, a lot of man hour, man power, expense towards salary, transportation, accommodation, gratuity, insurance etc of employees are involved along with setting up companies. We act as your solution to all PR activities of Company, providing reliable and professional assistance.

We assist investors in the following work:-

  • Identifying the Location to establish Company
  • Company Formation
  • Annual License Renewal of Company
  • Audit Report Arrangement Assistance
  • Removing of Company Activity
  • Removing of Partners
  • License Amendment
  • Investors Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Partners or employee’s Visa Cancellation
  • Labor Card (New ,Renewal & Amendment)
  • Emirates ID
  • Car Registration
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate
  • Information on Property Buying & Selling
  • Insurance for Life, Health Cars/Offices
  • P O Box Registration New & Renewals
  • Bank Related Assistance
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Liaison with Government Departments
  • Attestation assistance of Offshore companies
  • Attestation Assistance in Chamber of Commerce
  • Attestation Assistance in Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Attestation Assistance for Power of Attorney
  • Drafting of Company Board Resolutions

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